Derek Rishmawy

Our guest is Derek Rishmawy. He’s a PhD student at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He’s also a blogger and a podcaster.


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Show Notes

1:55 – Who Derek Rishmawy is…

7:25 – Why he ended up studying theology at “TEDS”

10:15 – How and why he decided to pull out of ministry work to pursue further studies

16:30 – Why you might decide to NOT pursue a graduate degree

19:00 – How to minister to millennials

22:45 – Me, boiling his TGC talk down to a few sentences (and him agreeing with it)

24:45 – The four books he would put in front of every millennial

29:00 – How to balance things you feel like you “should” do vs. the things you “want” to do

35:00 – How he thinks about daily and weekly rhythms

41:15 – The worst pronunciation of his last name he’s ever heard (and the worst one he’s done to someone else’s last name)

44:45 – The best burger in Chicago…

47:45 – If he could put a billboard anywhere in the world, where would he put it, and what would it say?


Nancy Guthrie

Our guest today is Nancy Guthrie. She’s the author of, like, a million books. I won’t try to name them all, but you can find them here!


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Show Notes

2:10 – Why did God create Satan if He knew he would fall?

8:45 – Helpful ways to walk with people through pain and suffering (hint: show up and say something)

18:10 – How to avoid the extremes of “silent sufferer” and “over-sharer”

23:00 – Nancy’s Books!


Nancy’s Books

Hannah Anderson

Our guest is Hannah Anderson. She’s the author of Made For More: An Invitation to Live in God’s Image, and her most recent book, Humble Roots: How Humility Grounds and Nourishes Your Soul.


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Show Notes

1:05 – Who Hannah Anderson is / what she does

2:45 – How to avoid skunks / what to do if you get sprayed

6:40 – What her book Made for More is all about

9:45 – What one of her (not so) secret hopes for the book is…

11:30 – What you should do about educating your kids (Public? Private? Homeschool?)

13:40 – Why there isn’t a “right choice” when it comes to educating your kids

19:15 – What people are missing in the debate about the “Benedict Option”

24:04 – Why retreating from culture cannot work with evangelical theology

27:10 – Why you can’t call for limited government when your personal life is free of boundaries

31:10 – What she thinks the future holds for the political landscape

34:05 – Her take on Russell Moore and the SBC

37:55 – Why she wrote her new book — Humble Roots

43:30 – Which character she identifies with on Parks and Rec

44:15 – The nerdiest thing she’s into right now

46:10 – The best meal she’s had recently

47:40 – If she could put a billboard anywhere in the world, she would put it __________ and it would say ______________


Made for More

Benedict Option

Humble Roots

Parks and Rec


Chris Horst

Our guest is Chris Horst. Chris is the author of Mission Drift, and VP of Development at Hope International.


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Show Notes

2:30 – The ninety second Chris Horst story

3:40 – How and why Hope International got started

4:35 – What “Microfinance” is all about and how it helps people

6:20 – Two or three inspiring stories of the work Hope has done

9:40 – What the Colorado Microfinance Alliance does

12:15 – What he means when he talks about “the dignity of work”

13:45 – What the Denver Institute for Faith and Work is doing

17:10 – What his book “Mission Drift” is all about

20:02 – Practical ideas for navigating the tension between work and family

26:05 – “Sabbatical is a circuit breaker for idolatry.”

27:15 – The book he’s working on next… (“Rooting for Rivals”)

29:19 – Favorite book he’s read recently

30:00 – Favorite TV show and movie he’s watched recently

31:00 – Nerdiest thing he’s into right now

31:55 – Best meal he’s had recently

33:00 – If he could put anything on a billboard, what would it be and where would he put it?


Colorado Microfinance Alliance

Rocky Mountain Microfinance Institute

Denver Institute for Faith & Work

Mission Drift

EntreLeadership Podcast

Harry Potter

Chronicles of Narnia

Lord of the Rings

30 Rock


Fantasy Baseball

Denver Biscuit Company

Park Renew – Andy Crouch

Park Renew – Jamie Smith

Amy Peterson

Our guest is Amy (Lepine) Peterson. Amy is my sister. She’s also the author of Dangerous Territory: My Misguided Quest to Save the World.


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Show Notes

1:45 – The similarities between birthing a baby and birthing a book

3:40 – Who Amy Peterson is and what she does

7:00 – What the “Missionary Myth” is, and what’s unhelpful about it

9:33 – What you probably don’t know about David Brainerd’s story…

13:33 – How things often don’t mean what they seem in other countries

16:20 – Where the word “missionary” came from

17:45 – How “short-term missions trips” become a thing

19:50 – What’s problematic about short-term missions trips (flying in like little gods)

23:05 – What advice she’d give to someone considering going on a short-term missions trip

28:25 – Why she got kicked out of a country she isn’t allowed to name in southeast Asia

32:25 – How to fight for justice without casting ourselves as the heroes of the story

36:08 – How to be faithful in the mundane (when it feels like nothing you’re doing matters)

40:15 – Best movie she’s seen lately

42:15 – Best TV show she’s seen lately

44:20 – Best book she’s read lately (and how it’s helped her marriage)

47:10 – Nerdiest thing she’s into right now

48:55 – Best meal she’s had recently

52:45 – If she could put a billboard anywhere, where would she put it, and what would it say?


Dangerous Territory: My Misguided Quest to Save the World

Short-Term Mission: An Ethnography of Christian Travel Narrative and Experience

Playing God

Surprised By Hope

Every Good Endeavor

Manchester by the Sea

Search Party

The Road Back to You


Braised Short Ribs

Goat Cheese Polenta

Blue Apron


Fox News Article on the book / movie Silence

Bob Lepine

Our guest is Bob Lepine. Bob is my dad. He’s also the co-host of FamilyLife today and the Chief Content Officer at FamilyLife.


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Show Notes

5:20 – How he got started with FamilyLife
7:30 – Why he and my mom spent three years looking for a church to attend
10:23 – The three vital experiences every church must have
11:43 – How he started planting churches
15:25 – Why you should plant a church (and why you shouldn’t)
21:10 – Why he wrote “The Christian Husband”
24:20 – Why marriage isn’t about keeping each other happy
26:00 – The difference between a “servant pleaser” and a “servant leader”
27:50 – What to do when you and your wife disagree
28:50 – The difference between a good boss and a bad boss
29:50 – What to do when you and your wife disagree, part two
32:55 – What he thinks of Trump
35:55 – All the thoughts on gender, sexuality, and marriage
41:10 – What he’s working on next…
46:05 – Best thing he’s read and watched lately…
48:30 – Best meals he’s had recently


Redeemer Community Church

The Art of Marriage

The Christian Husband

Weekend to Remember


This Is Us

October 1964

OJ: Made in America

The People vs. OJ Simpson

Words With Friends

Chris Madrids

Royal Rooster

Denver Biscuit Company

Bethany Jenkins

Our guest is Bethany Jenkins. Bethany does a lot of writing and thinking about faith and work… especially for The Gospel Coalition and The Kings College.

She used to work on Wall Street and on Capitol Hill… and she’s a member of House Ravenclaw (according to her Twitter profile).


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Show Notes

6:28 – What Martin Luther meant by calling Christians “the masks of God”
11:22 – The pitfalls associated with Faith and Work (and how to avoid them)
13:27 – How the doctrine of adoption frees us up to do great work
20:15 – Why an NYC school teacher wondered if he picked the wrong profession (and what he did about it)
22:15 – How the doctrine of glory relates to a woman whose daughter has an eating disorder
27:45 – Theological calling, women, and work
32:30 – How to work within organizations to produce change (rather than criticize from the outside)
35:15 – Favorite resources for Heart, Community, and World
39:35 – Favorite books, tv shows, and movies
42:05 – How to think about the upcoming election


Faith and Work Bible

Mortification of Sin

Counterfeit Gods

Life Together

Life Into Community

Every Good Endeavor

Work Matters

Kingdom Calling

Visions of Vocation

Favorite Books, TV Shows, Movies

Harry Potter


Shark Tank

Blue Bloods

Scotty Smith & Bob Thune

Scotty Smith grew up in North Carolina. He planted and pastored Christ Community Church in Franklin Tennessee for 26 years. He’s now the teacher in residence at West End Community Church. He also serves as adjunct faculty for a bunch of seminaries.

He and his wife of 41 years, Darlene, continue to live in Franklin, close to their two adult children, Kristin and Scott, and their one grandchild, Finn. Scotty is the author of Everyday Prayers and Every Season Prayers, among other. He enjoys photography, fishing, cooking, and exercise.

Bob Thune is a Christian, a husband, a father, and a pastor, in that order.

He grew up in Omaha and founded the Coram Deo Church Community in the fall of 2005. He and his wife have four children who keep them honest and teach them much about God’s grace.

He’s the author of Gospel-Centered Life, Gospel-Centered Community, and Gospel Eldership. In his spare time you can find him on the basketball court, in the coffee shop with a philosophy book in hand, at home hanging out with his wife and kids, or in the garage working with his hands.


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Park Renew Website

John Bryson

John is a pastor and elder at Fellowship Memphis, a multicultural church he helped found in Memphis, Tennessee. He also served on the board of Acts29 and is a partner with Fellowship Associates.

He is the lead writer and co-presenter of 33 The Series with Authentic Manhood. John travels the country consulting and investing in churches, leaders and great ideas.


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Show Notes

2:45 – The 90 second John Bryson story (in case you aren’t familiar with him)

5:17 – Why he decided to plant in Memphis

6:10 – The three things he fights every single day

7:25 – Challenges he’s overcome in planting a healthy, multiethnic church

8:58 – Practical advice for planting a healthy, multi-ethnic church

11:25 – What advice he’d give to a pastor of a larger, homogenous church who desires to be multiethnic

14:35 – The two or three pieces of advice he’d give a church planter today

16:42 – What the Acts 29 network is all about

18:30 – Why you must get in touch with your emotions

21:25 – How to get in touch with your emotions

23:42 – Where we’ve learned to shut out our emotions

25:55 – Favorite book and TV show he’s read or watched recently

28:15 – How to think about the upcoming election season


Helpful books on how to pursue diversity

Authentic Manhood

Fellowship Memphis

John Byrson

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